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Course Description

After completing the basic obedience in the Good Canine Citizen, sign up for Advanced Obedience to bring the basic obedience to the next level where your dog learns more life-saving skills.

Your dog will learn how to heel off leash, do stationary sit, down, stand at a distance, fetch a dumb-bell on the flat, drop on recall, sit-stay & down stay with the back facing the dog and out of sight.

*Drop on recall — a life-saving skill for your dog to learn so that he can be stopped on time in an emergency as he’s running towards you.

Course Details

  • 10 Private 1-1 Sessions at your home & outside your home
  • 1 Hour Per Session

Course Fees

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Advanced Obedience & Other Useful Cues

  • Off-Leash Heeling
  • Sit, Down, Stand (With Both Hands And Verbal) At A Distance
  • Retrieve a Dumb-bell On The Flat And Over The High Jump
  • Drop On Recall – A Very Important Life Skill To Teach Your Dog
  • Stand Stay, Sit Stay & Down Stay (With Back Facing Dog)
  • Stand Stay, Sit Stay & Down Stay (Out of Sight)


Shanice Tan

Shanice Tan

Chief Trainer

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