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Course Description

Are you facing some behaviour issues with your puppy or your adult dog?

Needed some advice for the behaviour issues?

No worries now we offer consultation & assessment in-person or online.

Common behaviour issues:

  • Barking
  • Reactive Dog
  • Dog chasing moving vehicles or people
  • Dashing out of the house
  • Toilet training for adult dogs
  • Dog to dog aggression in a multi-dog household
  • Dog to human aggression in the household
  • Playbiting
  • Dog and other pets ie rabbit, cat cohesion issue in the household
  • Crate training to prepare for flight
  • Begging during family mealtime
  • Other behaviour issues

In-Person Consultation

Our trainer will visit you for a minimum of 2hrs to assess your dog’s behaviour and advice you accordingly.

Fees quoted are for 2hrs per consultation in-person.

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Online Consultation

Online consultation uses email, WhatsApp and videos for our trainer to assess your dog and advice you accordingly.

Fees quoted are for 5 questions to our trainer addressing the said behaviour issue only.

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Course Details

  • Register and book your consultation appointment at least 2 weeks in advance
  • The appointment is subject to availability
  • The consultation appointment is confirmed after we have received the payment


Shanice Tan

Shanice Tan

Chief Trainer

Amy Tan

Amy Tan

Certified Trainer