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Course Description

Teaching tricks to your dog stimulate their brain and offer your dog mental stimulation besides the physical activities that you engage your dog in.

Dog tricks build your dog’s confidence, focus, trust and bonding with you. Your dog will love to learn tricks as most dogs love to please you and get lots of reward in the process of learning dog tricks. Dog Tricks will complement the other activities like obedience, dog agility that you are engaging your dog in.

Our chief Trainer, Shanice’s border collie, Zeal competes in the higher levels in dog agility (Senior in UKI and 2 times Finalist at the World Agility Open Championship in England and Netherlands, representing Singapore).

The tricks that her dogs learn helps in preventing injuries during dog agility as dog tricks teach dogs how to use and move their body in a safe way.

Trainer Shanice is a certified dog tricks instructor ( ATDI ) with “Do More With Your Dog!” by the famous Kyra Sundance ( She is the author of many dog tricks books selling internationally ).

Shanice’s sheltie, Nova holds an Expert Dog Trick Title while her border collie, Zeal holds an Intermediate Dog Trick title from Do More with Your Dog by Kyra Sundance.

Participants in our Dog Trick Titling program will earn International Dog Trick titles from “Do More With Your Dog!” founded by the famous Kyra Sundance. Do More With Your Dog!® is the official sanctioning body for the sport of Dog Tricks. The tricks for the dog tricks titling program will be taken from “101 Dog Tricks” book written by Kyra Sundance.

Four standard titling levels are offered:


Demonstrate 15 tricks (advanced and expert tricks count as 2 tricks).


First, earn your NTD, and then demonstrate 12 tricks of an intermediate or higher skill level (advanced and expert tricks count as 2 tricks).


First, earn your ITD, and then demonstrate 5 advanced or expert tricks.


First, earn your ATD, and then demonstrate 5 expert tricks.

Course Details

  • 8 x 1hr Private lesson at your home
  • All dogs must be free from contagious illnesses and fleas & ticks
  • Dogs must be friendly to other dogs and people. We welcome dogs who are timid or reserved and even dogs that handicap

Course Fees

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  • What is clicker training & free shaping
  • Learn how to free shape a behaviour
  • Charging the clicker

Tricks will be based on 101 Dog Tricks Book By Kyra Sundance.


Shanice Tan

Shanice Tan

Chief Trainer

Amy Tan

Amy Tan

Certified Trainer

Joy Neo

Joy Neo

Certified Trainer

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